At that time, it can be painful, switch immediately and say that this turns into a diamond, I’m lucky, I’m okay. Enjoy the beauty of the sun. Taste a parallel world drinking tea at Fortnum & Mason in London. Taste me choosing my favorite bone china at feldspar studio in Devon. And when I’m having fun playing in a parallel world, my brain is free from unreasonable harassment. And I believe in God’s guidance, love myself deeply, praise myself, and remember that I was surrounded by God’s love and kept alive. God’s love will stand before me and always make my path straight and flat ^ _ ^ Remember, the Lord will guide me ^ _ ^ He always told me to be happy Let’s remember that ^ _ ^ I will not give up the driver’s seat in my heart to others. A gentle smile, a loving spirit, and a light and fluffy heart if you notice ^ _ ^ Thank you ^ _ ^

その時、苦痛と思ってもいい、すぐに切り替えて、この事がダイヤモンドに変わりますと言う、私はラッキーという、私は大丈夫、と言う。陽の光の美しさに幸せを味わう。ロンドンのフォートナム&メイソンでお茶を飲んでいるパラレルワールドを味わう。デボン州のfeldspar studioで大好きなボーンチャイナを選んでいる私を味わう。そうしてパラレルワールドに遊び楽しんでいる時、私の脳は理不尽な嫌がらせから自由になる。そして神の導きを信じて深く自分を愛し、自分を褒めて、神の愛に包まれて生かされていた事を思い出す。神の愛が私の前に立って行き、私が行く道をいつでも真っ直ぐで平なものにしてくださいます^^ 思い出そう、主が導く^^ いつも喜んでいなさいと言ってくださっていたことを思い出そう^^ 私は自分の心の運転席を他者に譲らない。和やかな笑顔、愛ある言霊、気がつけば心軽くふわふわ^^ありがとうございます^_^

投稿者: 電針堂 小諸

はり師・きゅう師・あん摩マッサージ指圧師 Acupuncturist Moxibustionist Anma-Massage-Shiatsu Therapist 鍼灸マッサージ教員20年(現保有免許:特別支援学校自立教科教諭理療一種) 20 years of clinical experience with these faculty 東京医療専門学校鍼灸マッサージ科2000年3月卒業 Tokyo Medical College (San-ei-cho Yotsuya, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo) Acupuncturist Moxibustionist Anma-Message-Shiatsu Therapist course graduate Gifu University Junior College (Relocated from Kakamigahara City to Gifu City, Gifu, and then it was abolished) Department of Civil Engineering graduate Wayo Konodai Girl’s junior high school and senior high school graduate Public elementary school at Katsushika ward, Tokyo. 2 years Japan Ground Self-Defense Force, afterwards, 10 years later, reverse 25 years (New member training: elementary level hygiene) Aikido合気道 /Aikikai合気会 1st stage “Shodan初段” Training 稽古: 14years through about 40s. (I practiced a lot until my 30s) When learning Aikido, I became interested in the structure of the body. But, because the human body moves, I first wanted to learn the structure of things that do not move, first learned civil engineering. In addition, the movement of things requires the electrical transmission of nerves, so I wanted to learn electricity. When I was 10 years old, I had been away from school for two weeks due to appendicitis and had finished my electricity class, so I always wanted to study electricity. Because I don't know the basics. So I became interested in studying body and electricity. It eventually helped treat the family. I is 愛(Ai) Acupuncture that awakens love from the depths of the soul is an acupuncture performed in the hope that the flow of "I" = "love" = "愛" of connected people will be better Amateur Ham Radio Station: JF1XXJ (Transmission output pawer: 50W) Third Class Amateur Ham Radio Engineer/Japan First-class marine special radio engineer First Class Land Special Radio Engineer 2nd) class Qualified Certified Electrician Surveyor assistant Real Estate Transaction Specialist ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• From my grandmother to my mother, from my mother to me, "Wishes come true." I value the gift of loving words from my grandmother and mother with gratitude. And I muttered myself, "I wish come true." Thanks to being able to learn from difficulties. Fly a drone into my heart, observe my feelings, and lively remember my wishes and wishes. I can work. The "flat heart" was also passed on from grandmother to mother and to me. My mother turned a flat heart into the light of my heart, and when naming my name,. My mother chose a character that means the size of the universe from the two candidates named by the local easygoer, she bout the size of the universe My mother named it Hiroko (宏子) with the desire to have a broad heart. Because, I love my name. My appreciate. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Every morning, I close my eyes to the sunrise and the warmth wraps around my forehead. Its color is red and warm through the eyelid vessels. The colors and temperatures are warm and happy every morning. Thanks ^ _ ^ And I wish my guests a good treatment today. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••



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