a visit to a grave

mt. yatsugatake nagano japan

now. I pray that everyone who is sad can find happiness one. You don’t have to regret that time anymore. If you bully yourself, your loved ones in the other world will be sad.

Three-dimensionally, he’s not coming back. I am still unable to accept this reality. Cosmos blooms beautifully every year. He is no longer in 3D. All good things will happen infinitely to everyone who thinks like this. It makes me cry. ,I know. Day to day life goes on. I’m going to visit the graves of my ancestors on the Japanese equinoctial week. It seems that the souls who went to the other world come to the relay station called the grave. Only the beautiful cosmos fluctuations are reflected in front of me. But they will come. In this way, I am with the important person who has become only a soul. please answer me please. I love you. It’s been 11 months already. tears still flow Thanks to you, things are progressing little by little. Thank you. I love you.


  Today I cleaned up well, slept well, laughed a lot, cried a little ^^ 

My husband has become a memorable person.

All kinds of memories come to mind.

There are still things we wanted to do together.

I can't do the same thing as my husband, but I'm trying little by little.

Let's go to the home center tomorrow to see boards for making shelves.

A first-class architect and a great veteran of radio work…

Thank you for the time we spent together ^ ^

I thought I could live for another 10 years, so I wonder if I was born with a program to graduate.

He passed away just when we were about to have more fun together.

I just cry Stunned, stunned.

It's been 11 months since my husband passed away on 9/24.

Let's go on a memorial trip.

I still have a trip left for the two of us.

I love you.

You left me behind and left. where is the soul

A house that gets bigger and bigger little by little.

11 years together.

Thank you.

It's been a while.

I remember crying.

I wonder if I wanted to experience this kind of experience and put together a program.

Thank you.

thank you my dear,,,,

   I brought 30kg of discarded items to the disposal site today. 🎊🎊🎊🎊Last week was 60kg✨✨🎊✨🎊✨

If you think you may still be able to use it, but you haven't used it, or if it's deteriorated over the years, think that it's done its job, and throw it away.

It's okay to have memories even if you don't have them ^^✨🌈✨🌈✨🌈

Thank you for the items that remind me of the deceased ‍♀️🙋‍♀️

Because the deceased has taken off his body to talk about 🐲

My beloved husband has become nothing but his soul 🐲

Let's spend our lives together somewhere again 💕

I love you 💕Forever ^^💕

Thank you 💕

I still have a lot of tears ✨✨✨✨✨✨

They are tears of gratitude ✨✨✨✨

I love you more and more ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨

Hug My Self

If I decide that it's okay to love me deeply, it's surprisingly comfortable ^ _ ^ 

Because it's amazing just to be alive.

I can decide that I can forgive me deeply.

I mean, I'm always with myself ^ _ ^

Just born, I'm loved.

God loved me, before I was born.

I finally gave myself the OK to have been loved by God, to love myself who has been loved by God more and take good care of me.

I've been loved by God for a long, long, long time, even before I repeat my life over and over again.

I realized that I was loved by dragon.

I finally gave myself the OK to have been loved by God, to love myself who has been loved by God more and take good care of me.
Yashima, Nagano-pref., Japan


   I was able to write a thank you letter^^ 

To that person who took care of me ^^

Today, I was able to steam clean the traces of the carpet in the guest room ^^

The discarded carpet weighed a whopping 60 kilos. ^^

Writing a letter at a cafe, enjoying the sunset, waiting for today's recommended menu to be completed ^^

Thank you very much ^^

Thank you God ^^

Body, brain, move Thank you ^^
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