#grief #Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

   Both my mother and I love Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth💕 

When Her Majesty Queen came to Japan, my mother became a fan of the Queen at first sight because she was so beautiful, loving, and elegant.

I'm sure she's watching over the world as she crosses the beautiful double rainbow bridge💕

It's sad that we can't meet in three dimensions, but Her Majesty's soul always spreads wide and wraps the earth in love.

I believe, she always be by our side💕

I send my love to all of you who are grieving over her loss💕

I pray for Her Majesty the Queen💕

I believe her soul lives on happily💕


Today was also fun ^^ Tomorrow will be another good day ^^ Everyday is a wonderful day ^_^

I love my perfect self 💕 
I love my inexperienced self 💕
I love myself for loving myself and caring for myself to grow 💕
That's why other people are also very important ^_^
Let's fulfill our lives first
Udon noodles with duck meat “edoya” nagano city
Gomoku Ramen


Today, I received the life of this life ^^ I met many lives ^^ Miracle ^^ Thank you ^^ I can walk with my friends aiming for the same therapist ^^ I'm happy ^^ This time I don't care about the age of my life, my own and others ^^ Thank you for meeting me ^^ I'm happy to support the therapist school again ^^ I'm happy ^^ The brilliance of life, Miyoshi Because I learned the excitement of being able to share time with my original body ^^ There is no such thing as an unimportant moment ^^ My husband, who passed away suddenly, told me ^^ I will always love you ^^ Thank you ^^ ^ To my husband and my parents who died earlier ^^ Thank you for all the lives ^_^

Even sadness will be healed little by little with time ^^ You can forgive yourself ^^ Don’t worry ^_^ Maybe life in this world is a journey to remember the importance of loving ownself

morning sun
Thank you for being alive today, it's a miracle ^^ I'm so happy ^^ 

Life is shining on each other ^^

You and I have the same wonderful life ^^

I love myself ^^ ^

I love myself to the fullest ^ ^

That's why I can cherish the person in front of me ^ ^

Love ownself, take care of ownself, overflow with love, and live comfortably ^ ^ Now, at this time

Thank you ^^

I love my soul friends who are with me now, and my husband and parents who have returned to my soul ^^

Thank you for being with me ^^

I love you ^^

I love you so much ^^

How long ago You must have been loved ^ ^

I lived many lives, and during that time, I was the one who protected, nurtured, and loved me ^ ^

How deeply loved, my precious self, and, Thank you for the great love that embraces the person in front of me, the family that is three-dimensionally distant, the time, myself and others ^_^

I believe you, I hope and pray your happiness by god's love.